About DivineVibes369

DivineVibes369 is all about aligning with higher self and being the best you, you can be and striving to be that despite our situations, temptations, habitual toxicity or environments.


of, from, or like god, godly,

excellent, beautiful, delightful!


a person’s emotional state or an atmosphere that is communicated to or felt by others.


derives from Tesla’s 369 divine universal code theory and the numerical divinity they hold.

DivineVibes369 Mission

My shop is intended for every spiritual path!

It is non denominational and my mission is to raise the vibes in these crazy times and help people identify their believes through apparel and accessories.

In hopes it can help empower and unite those who want a better world!

Love is all we need, not the romantic love but love for ourselves and others!

Everything about me and my merchandise derives from good energy and I do not mess with negative or evil energies.

I don’t even like to speak the words!

I know a lot of people can misinterpret openminds and equality as evil or demonic but I assure you these things are not welcome in any shape or form in my field.

About the Owner