Collection: The Empowered Empath Collection

This collection is to empower the empath by taking pride in a gift/an identity, we may not be aware or proud of!

We are beings of love, understanding, equality and evidence that vibes should be kept in check, Our vibes and others!

Now is the time to start social acceptance for empaths, healers, indigo children, star seeds, spiritually in tune and gifted beings!

Without comfort and pride in our own gifts and core selves, how can we ever reach our highest  potential in them?                      
How can we yearn for a loving, more accepting world if we cannot even accept ourselves? 

 Now is the time to let anyone and everyone feel comfortable expressing who they are loud and proud, regardless of what their self proclamation is!  
Let’s  empower each other, take pride in ourselves and connect with likeminded individuals through our every day fits. 


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